Closet Trolley Competition Dance Bag with Clothes Rack - Closet Trolley Competition Dance Bag w/ Rack
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(614) 468-5521


Closet Trolley wooden hangers are a great alternative to plastic hangers when traveling. Plastic hangers can snap leaving sharp edges that can damage fabrics and plastic garment bags. Instead, our wooden hangers are very strong and less susceptible to damage. The circular hanger is designed to stay on the Closet Trolley cross bar...and standard closet bar!

Closet Trolley wood hangers for traveling are manufactured with a high grade genuine maple wood with a smooth satin finish. There are no sharp edges so they won't harm delicate fabrics. They measure a convenient 15" wide so they fit into the Closet Trolley, garment bags and other travel bags much easier than bulkier hangers. The sturdy chrome-plated cross bar is strong enough to support costumes, dance uniforms, pants and jackets. Lastly, each hanger is finished off with two heavy duty rubber-lined clips to securely hold suspended pants and and other garments.

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